Because every family deserves the Thanksgiving tradition. It's more than a meal. 


Thanks for Giving Picture #Hashtag Campaign

Join the Center for Family Resources 2021 Thanks for Giving Picture #Hashtag Campaign. It’s easy to participate and a great way to help spread the word about T4G.

Step 1: Download and print the #T4GSmartStuffer hashtags or make your own.
Step 2: Take a picture while shopping for your T4G food box items or of your completed box while holding up the #T4GSmartStuffer hashtag.
Step 3: Post the picture on your social media platforms and don’t forget to tag us while also using the #T4GSmartStuffer hashtag in your caption! It’s that simple!

Social Media Platforms
Facebook: @The Center for Family Resources
LinkedIn: @The Center for Family Resources
Twitter: @CFRPR
Instagram: @centerforfamilyresources

Hashtags are searchable, so using the #T4GSmartStuffer hashtag is a great way to generate more engagement. Let’s reach our goal of providing 1,000 Thanks for Giving food boxes for 1,000 families. Spread the word and have fun!



Thank you for helping us keep family traditions in the family and bring hope home for the holidays.

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