Purpose: Financial assistance for rent for those negatively impacted by COVID shutdowns, furloughs, school closures, layoffs, illness, etc.

  1. Only family households with dependent children may be accepted.
    • Family is defined as having at least one parent or guardian and one child under the age of 18
  2. Households must meet income guidelines and lack sufficient resources to maintain permanent housing.
    • Evidence of “lacks sufficient resources” includes source documents such as notice of termination from employment, unemployment compensation statement, bank statement, health care bill showing arrears, utility bill showing arrears, etc.
  3. Assistance can only be provided one time.
  4. Assistance is for residents who have lived in the city of Marietta or Cobb County for 2 months or longer.
  5. Must have a lease in applicant or spouse’s name and owe for the current month only.
  6. All payments will be made directly to the vendor.


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