CFR Client Story: Lori


Lori, a single mother of two became homeless 6-years-ago after her divorce. She lost her job in sales due to the stress from divorcing from her husband and had nowhere to turn. Desperately needing help for her and her kids, someone recommended The Center for Family Resources and Lori did not hesitate to call for assistance.

Lori was set up with a CFR case manager and was quickly placed into the Transitional Housing Program for 6 months. While in the program, her case manager helped her with her resume and a few months later, she obtained a job with Delta. The Transitional Housing program was 12-24 months, but Lori was able to regain stability in just under six. She moved to Clayton County upon exiting the program and received a move-in incentive for completing her goals that went towards her new apartment. Two years later, Lori bought a 5-bedroom house for her and her kids and is currently the Chief Supervisor of six departments for Delta, where she has been working the last six years. Her children are thriving, and she couldn’t be any happier. We recently received a message of thanks from Lori, even after all these years. She had this to say about our program:

“I would have given up a long time ago if it hadn’t been for The Center for Family Resources support. My caseworkers had faith in my abilities, and I really appreciate them for pushing me to be where I am now.” – Lori

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