CFR Client Story: Helen

Helen, a single mother of a six-year-old daughter Amanda Grace, found herself unemployed after her company was forced to do layoffs due to impacts from COVID-19. Helen went several months with no income while fighting to get her unemployment approved. She eventually found temporary work and even had a sales position at one point. Both were inconsistent and unstable, causing her to struggle to keep her bills paid and her daughter fed.

Helen, like so many, never expected to be in the position of needing the services of the Center for Family Resources. When she called, she felt desperate and worried about her ability to keep her and her daughter safe. CFR provided Helen with one month’s rental assistance and groceries from our Food Pantry. For Helen, this was just enough to get her back on her feet. Within a few weeks, she was working again as an Executive Assistant. “2020 was a hard year, probably for a lot of folks,” she said. She feels fortunate to have found assistance through CFR and is thankful to us for providing a bridge to a better place. “Life is slowly turning around for me and my daughter, Amanda Grace.” As a job perk, she receives tickets to see the Braves play home games and is happily taking advantage of that this summer! We love being able to provide stability for our families and we sure hope Amanda Grace is enjoying the view at Truist Park.