Client Success Story: Kayla

Kayla, a single mom of a pre-teen daughter, became homeless during the COVID-19 crisis after losing her job. Kayla was unable to maintain her rent payments and was forced to move her and her daughter into a shelter.  While in the shelter, Kayla searched tirelessly for employment. She was determined to get back on her feet and tried hard to face each day with a positive, can-do attitude.

Kayla found a job with a great salary and moved quickly to get herself and her daughter into an apartment. When the job fell through Kayla reached out for assistance. With no income and no way to pay rent, she needed help so she and her daughter could move out of the shelter.

Kayla reached out to The Center for Family Resources and was able to work with our Housing Team and our Employment Case Manager. Thanks to the housing programs available at CFR, Kayla was able to obtain a job making a great wage, find stable housing for her and her daughter, create a budget, and regularly attend life skills classes.

“This journey has not been easy. Going through being homeless during COVID has been a life-changing experience, but I am thankful for my case manager. She is one-of-a-kind because she truly enjoys what she does, and she truly wants to see me succeed. This program has taught me so much. Every Monday through the classes CFR provides, we learn different things that we can apply to our life moving forward. I know that I will go on and do incredible things because of the opportunity this program and my caseworker provided.”  – Kayla, CFR Housing and Employment Client

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