Success Stories: Spencer Quarles

A helping hand can come from where a person may least expect it. For Spencer Quarles, the Center for Family Resources provided such support.

In the mid 90’s Spencer had been experiencing a difficult life situation that left her and her two children in need of a permanent home. While friends and family members provided them temporary shelter, Spencer knew that a house of her own was the ultimate goal, a place that her family would call home, start anew, and have privacy. 

Through conversations in her close circle, Spencer heard about the Center for Family Resources, where she applied and got accepted into the Transitional Housing Program. As a program client, Spencer was provided temporary housing in an apartment, alongside educational workshops for success. She recalls taking courses in life skills, budgeting, conflict resolution and much more, which added an element of accountability for the clients to follow.

“If you do the part that you can do, people will meet you and help you make change,” Spencer said. 

After her duration in the Transitional Housing Program, Spencer and her children moved to a Habitat for Humanity home for some years, and she is now a proud homeowner. Throughout this experience, Spencer has seen her family succeed tremendously. She is grateful to see her children grow up to pursue their college education, have successful careers, and have families of their own. She is also grateful for the different skills she learned during her time in the program and continues to apply the knowledge gained to her current work and everyday life.

Spencer has always been a participant of her community, both at church and locally. She continues to do so as a member of the church, community garden volunteer, fine arts teacher, and much more.

We are filled with joy and pride to be able to share a story of success that continues to rely on skillful knowledge, tenacity, and hard work. Spencer is a great example of these qualities, and we are so proud of everything she has and will continue to accomplish.

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