Annette Harlow: Lifelong Volunteer

Annette Harlow has been a part of the Center for Family Resources volunteer family for nearly 15 years.  She started serving in the food pantry and quickly wanted to take on more responsibility and have more interaction with clients. Annette transitioned to serving as an Intake Volunteer and currently works one intake shift per week, frequently picking up additional shifts when needed. When COVID-19 impacted our community and the families we serve, she once again offered her time. We quickly set her up to work intake remotely at home returning calls from families needing assistance

As a former stockbroker, Annette brings a wealth of financial expertise to her intake position. She utilizes these skills to provide clients with invaluable financial advice and information. From ways to save money to paying off debt, and even preparing taxes Annette has a unique ability to help families in crisis navigate resources. Annette’s knowledge of her community and the resources it offers helps others find the resources they need to succeed and become self-sufficient.  

Annette also volunteers with CFR’s Thanks for Giving food distribution program and for many years served as a tutor in our GED Program, in addition to working her one intake shift per week. 

When asked why she volunteers with CFR Annette’s reply is “I have always felt called to work with those struggling in the crisis of poverty. I have volunteered with CFR for the last 15 years for three reasons. I believe in their mission of a hand up not a handout. They are incredible stewards of the resources entrusted to them. The staff treats me and the clients with dignity, respect, and kindness.”

The position of Intake Volunteer requires deep commitment, extensive training and the right attitude. We are so proud to recognize Annette for her generous gifts of work, wisdom, and wealth.

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