Addressing the Needs of Our Community with Knowledge and Love

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some changes to our operations, at the Center for Family Resources we continue to work hard to support the needs of our community. Recently, one of our clients left us the following testimonial:


“I have a small home cleaning company which allows me to make a living.  Due to COVID-19, my business was set back a couple months and I could no longer pay my bills. The Case Manager at the Center for Family Resources took the time to explain everything to me and what I needed to do to receive assistance. She was patient, and I needed that. She listened. I was frustrated and heading to a dark place mentally. She was nice, kind and kept my spirits up. She actually made my year. Please continue to spread your love like you did with me. We need more of you in this world.” 


~ Miss H


We are thankful for the positivity and knowledge that our case management team provides to each case and feel very proud when our clients share about their positive experiences when working with us.


You can also be part of these positive experiences by supporting our work. Learn about the different ways you can help the CFR here.

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