Welcome to Our 2020 CFR Board Members

The Center for Family Resources would like to welcome our 2020 Board of Directors, led by Darion Dunn of Atlantica Properties. Representing community and business leaders, these amazing individuals will work together to support the vision and mission of the CFR.

Click here to view the list of our 2020 board members.

We are very thankful for their leadership and commitment and have no doubt that 2020 will bring some BIG things for us and the community.


To access a copy of the Media Release click here.


Image 1: Cobb County State Court Judge Marsha Lake administers oath of office to The Center for Family Resources’ 2020 Board Officers From Left: Judge Marsha Lake, Darion Dunn, Shelia Manely, Sabre Linahan and Don Keller
Image 2: New members of The Center for Family Resources board of directors take oath of office From Left: Judge Marsha Lake, Craig Cupid, John Fuchko III, Troy Harmon, Luke Mashburn, Debbie Pike, Tania Robinson and Monique Jenkins

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