CFR Leader Honored for Exemplary Service

Jeri Barr has passionately served as the CEO of the Center for Family Resources for 35 years. Jeri has not only been a leader at the Center for Family Resources, but she has also been a leader in the Cobb community and is respected for the intelligence, vision, passion and compassion she brings to the table to address the needs of our communities.


To recognize her for her contributions to the Center for Family Resources and Cobb communities, Jeri was presented with letters from the President of the United States and Governor of Georgia at the CFR Winter Wonderland Gala.


Additionally, Christal McNair and Jason Shepherd reached out to our leaders at the Georgia State Capital and presented her with official Resolutions at the Gala recognizing her for her servant-leadership, hard work and dedication to ensure that all people in our communities have the tools and resources to thrive. It was with these Resolutions that the State of Georgia, the Senate and the House recognizes her achievements, service and contributions to the betterment of Cobb County and congratulate her on her pending retirement.


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