Heartfelt Goodbyes to a Faithful Volunteer

Photo Left to Right: Jocelyn Zuchman, Sandy Watson, Riley Dawson, Debby O’Neil, and Jack Lawson

The Center for Family Resources is saddened to hear about the passing of one of our beloved and faithful food pantry volunteers. Riley Dawson started serving in the food pantry in 1994 and has served on and off for the past 24 years. He just celebrated his 88th birthday on November 23. His wife shared that he loved coming to CFR to serve each week and work with the Wednesday morning crew better known as the fabulous five.

He was an amazing man who just wanted to give back and had a purpose every Wednesday morning. We will miss seeing his truck in our staff parking lot every week as he would always get up early to be here. I will so miss him just coming into my office to have a seat and say, “So kiddo, what do you have for me today?” OR “Hey kiddo, when are you going to call the cardboard guy? We have cardboard coming out of our ears.” OR “Hey kiddo, know that you are doing an awesome job in the pantry.”

He will always be treasured.


With much love,

Lee Smith and the CFR Team

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