Because every family deserves the Thanksgiving tradition. It's more than a meal.

Why Thanks For Giving?

We're different. We don't cook or serve any food for Thanksgiving.

Instead, we believe in providing all the ingredients necessary for a family to make their own Thanksgiving meal at home, in a way that supports and honors their own family traditions.

Just because a family has fallen on hard times doesn't mean they should have to go without grandma's special secret stuffing recipe this year. Thanks For Giving does so much more than provide a meal. It provides a continuation of a family's holiday expectations and way of life.


provided boxes of Thanksgiving staples to nearly

1000 Cobb County families
Thank you to our many volunteers, donors and sponsors who made this possible!


Looking for Thanks for Giving materials to host your own food drive? Look no further!

If you need any additional information or materials to help spread the word about Thanks for Giving, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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