About Us

About Us

The Center for Family Resources is a nonprofit organization that works to stabilize and empower families so they may become self-sufficient. More than 50 years ago, in 1960, our founders Fred Bentley, Sr., Howard Ector, and Harry Holliday envi­sioned a better way to combine six existing emergency assistance organizations in the county under one roof to be more effective and efficient. Our founders approached United Way (formerly Community Chest) for funding. The result was Cobb County Emergency Aid Association, Inc. (CCEAA).  During the first decade, a part-time direc­tor, Florence Beddingfield, worked tirelessly to help meet the emergency needs of Cobb citizens through financial assistance, furniture, clothing, medical supplies, food, and a Christmas program.

In the mid-80s, CCEAA began to look closely at the barriers families faced in becoming independent and self-sufficient. Families repeatedly faced limited access to affordable transportation, childcare and housing, as well as a lack of education and training to secure and maintain employ­ment. The organization determined the removal of those barriers was the real key to breaking the cycle of poverty. The or­ganization also changed its name to Cobb Family Resources.

Cobb Family Resources then adjusted its mission to find real, lasting solutions that would not only impact our clients’ cur­rent condition, but also ensure their future success. Over the next two decades, CFR continued to grow, learn and adapt in chang­ing and difficult times. In 2004, the agency changed its name to The Center for Family Resources (CFR).

In 2005, through the Bold Vision Capital Campaign, CFR refurbished an existing “box building” at 995 Roswell Street in Marietta into The Mansour Center, a nonprofit tenant center and meeting space for the community.  More than a dozen nonprofits are located in The Mansour Center, including the United Way of Cobb County and Sheltering Arms Child Development Center.  The Mansour Center also hosts more than 12,000 people a year for meetings, conferences, training and special events, providing earned income for CFR.


From the beginning, CFR has been committed to collaboration and community partnership.  We are proud to have played a part in the start up of many organizations who now have their own nonprofit status.  These include: 
• Cobb Collaborative
• Cobb Works
• Cobb Human Services Coalition
• Winter Shelter
• The Extension
• Cobb Christmas
• Cobb Care
• The Edge Connection


From a small emergency aid agency in the 1960s to a multi-function human services organization today, CFR has a long history of providing critical services for families and individuals in need.